EPC of hydro mechanical and electrical equipment of Hajilar Chai Dam project

Hydro mechanical and electrical equipment of Hajilar Chai Dam – EPC Contract Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Control systems

Tower water intake

Five fixed wheel gates 3mx3m

Five movable trash-racks 3mx3m

Five movable winches for gates 12 tons

Jib crane 7 tons

Bottom outlet

Steel pipe 1900mm

Reducer steel pipe 2600mm to 1900mm

Steel conduit reducer box 2mx2m to 1mx1m

Service and emergency gates 1mx1m

Hydraulic power pack and jack 50 tons

Overhead travelling crane 5 tons

Irrigation and drinking

Steel pipe and bend pipe 1200mm, 800mm, 700mm, 500mm, 400mm, 250mm, 200mm

Why branch 1200mm to 1000mm

Butterfly valve DN 1000mm PN10

Butterfly valve DN 800mm PN10

Butterfly valve DN 700mm PN10

Butterfly valve DN 500mm PN10

Needle Valve DN800 PN10

Needle Valve DN700 PN10

Needle Valve DN500 PN10

Needle Valve DN250 PN10

Howell bunger valve DN400 PN10

Overhead travelling crane 10 tons


Main distribution board

Sub distribution boards

local control panels (PLC based)

Diesel generators 100KVA

Power cabling

Earthing system

Control and monitoring system (PLC based)

Lighting system